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AFFECT, Americans for Fair Electronic Commerce Transactions, is a broad-based national coalition of consumers, retail and manufacturing businesses, financial services institutions, technology professionals and librarians opposed to the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA).

AFFECT has been dedicated to educating the public and policy makers about the dangers of UCITA. AFFECT members have been following UCITA for the past decade and the coalition has been involved in every state where UCITA has been legislatively active.

AFFECT supports improvements in high-quality computer and information technology and the growth of fair and competitive markets in the United States and believes that UCITA is a dangerous, anti-competitive, anti-business, anti-consumer measure that will have a negative impact on the American economy and the development of electronic commerce and new technologies.

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UCITA and Related Legislation

UCITA Legislation
UCC Article 1 Choice of Law Amendment

UCITA should not be given
weight as legal authority


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