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AFFECT: Privacy Statement

AFFECT respects the privacy of their on-line visitors. We collect no personal information about users. However, we may collect and store certain non-personal information automatically when you visit the Web site. This information includes your computer's IP address (a number that does not identify you personally) and what type of browser software you are using. The purpose for collecting this information is to count the numbers and types of visitors to our site. We can use this information to make the site more useful.

By submitting a membership form, you are authorizing us to include you on our official list of supporters. Current or former titles and company or organization affiliation are for identification purposes and will be designated as such. We may call to verify the information submitted. AFFECT believes in keeping the contact information (address, phone, fax number and email address) we receive from our members confidential. We will not share or sell our mailing lists with any other individual or organization without your express permission.

Our site does include links to other sites which may not share our privacy policy. To let you know when you've left our site, we open up a new window for the linked site, leaving our site still on your screen (you can return to it simply by closing the window of the linked site).

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The information contained in these pages may be downloaded, reproduced and redistributed as long as it has not been altered and is properly attributed. Permission to use AFFECT materials for publications may easily be attained by contacting us.

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